Brain - Meditation

Brain - Meditation

Brain - Meditation


Did you know that people who meditate are much happier and healthier than everyone else?  It's true and they have greatly extended life spans as well. Studies show that experienced meditators those who are able to achieve the deepest levels of meditative stress are able to tap into dormant levels of brain function they never thought possible.  One of the reasons meditators experience great levels of happiness and health is because meditation significantly increases the brain's production of several euphoric chemicals.  The euphoric chemicals are the same chemicals that flow through your bloodstream on days when you've never felt better and allow these euphoric chemicals to be produced constantly.
Meditators also sleep much better than those that don't meditate. As a matter of fact meditators have shown to need fewer hours of sleep every night because their minds and bodies are completely refreshed and rejuvenated during their highly pleasurable meditation sessions.  Meditation time can be much more powerful than sleep.
Meditation is known for providing practitioners with superior mental and emotional  health, it rids our minds of subconscious layers of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, phobias and sadness.
Many people that meditate regularly are known to have more friends, maintain healthier relationships and feel great and more satisfied and content with their lives.
Meditation is the way to cleanse the mind and bring us back to ourselves by withdrawing attachment to busyness and distraction.  it is only in the calm and tranquility of meditation which we taste our true nature that we deviated from so long ago.  It is the greatest present you can give yourself in this lifetime.  Discover mental harmony, enlightenment and balance brainwaves. 
Meditation can help you to change your brainwave state and improve your attitude and enthusiasm 
Additional benefits of meditation include:
· Permanently reduce stress, worry, anxiety, depression, irritability, and moodiness
· Amplify feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, happiness, and confidence
· Enhance and improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, and boost energy
· Strengthen immune system, health, and well-being
· Naturally boost DHEA, Serotonin, GABA, Melatonin, Endorphins and reduce Cortisol
· Attain the mindset to reach self actualization and enlightenment
· Live more and more in the "now"
· Eliminate all uncontrollable habits, fears, and phobias
· Significantly decrease "mental chatter" 
· Significantly decrease self-destructive impulses
· Explore and expand your awareness and state of consciousness
· Restore your natural PH Balance, creating a sequence of enormously beneficial changes
· Increase emotional stability, psychological balance, and mental harmony
· Enhance your intuition, creativity, and goal reaching ability
· Attract and manifest all of your desires
· Have more mental processing power
· Increase learning ability, memory, and concentration
· Maintain clarity of thought at all time

It can take hours of meditation every single day, sometimes for decades to attain these benefits.  The learning process can be time consuming and challenging.  The use of Brain Tap Guided Meditation, Thetachamber, Photobiomodulation Helmet or Bio Acoustic Mat can save you time to get into the Theta State of mind and balance the brain at the press of a button. Float Tanks are another great tool to use to relax without any pressure on the body in salt mineral water in peace to be able to meditate more easily.

These cutting edge Brain products can automate and streamline the process by inducing the theta state quickly where insight, intuition, inspiration and answers to important questions can be found and fears, phobias, anxiety begin to melt away into tranquility and calm.  Guided Meditation is offered with Brain Tap and the Thetachamber     





The Thetachamber complete program lasts 21 to 28 days.  Daily use of the Thetachamber is required to effectively rebuild the neurological pathways and restore balance.  The Thetachamber can be used after the complete program as desired or for Meditation and relaxation benefits. 


Guided Meditation Brain Tap Headset uses Red & Blue Light with Frequencies
Over 800 Meditation Programs included.  Free 30 Day Trial

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Try all the programs on your cellphone now for Free.  The headset enhances the benefitsmeditationcategoriesextra.jpg


Bio Acoustic Mat - Energize, Relax, Sleep or for Stress Relief using Music, Vibrational Frequencies and Binaural Beats 



Photobiomodulation Helmets - Basic 40 HZ and Advanced Multi Frequency 0-20,000 Hz or Deluxe Model with 6 Different Frequencies and you can save 6 Programs.

Our helmet device works with 810 nm infrared, it can extend through the skull into the brain, offers an unique array of neurological benefits. Photobiomodulation (PBM) describes the use of red or near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue that has either been injured, is degenerating, or else is at risk of dying. One of the organ systems of the human body that is most necessary to life, and whose optimum functioning is most worried about by humankind in general, is the brain.

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Brain Helmet Advanced Deluxe                                 Photobiomodulation Helmet Advanced



Beta Brainwave Frequencies: 13-40 Hz
The beta brainwave is the predominant frequency when we are fully awake and alert.
Active awareness directed to the outer world.
Beta brainwaves are present during stress, paranoia, worry, fear, and anxiety.
They are also present during hunger, depression, irritability, and moodiness.
Insomnia is the result of producing excessive beta brainwaves.
Associated with excessive "mental chatter" and self-destructive impulses.
Too much time in the beta state weakens the immune system.
Beta brainwaves make up much of our conscious mind.
Alpha Brainwave Frequencies: 7-13 Hz
The alpha state is where meditation and relaxation begins.
We start to encounter the wealth of effortless creativity flowing just beneath our conscious state.
Awake but deeply relaxed.
Studies have shown the alpha state has been associated with "peak performance." Elite athletes produce alpha brainwaves prior to concentrated performance
(shooting a free throw, hitting an important golf shot). Amateur athletes produce more of the anxious beta brainwaves.
In the alpha state we learn, process, memorize and recollect large sums of information fast and with peak effectiveness.
Highly creative people have been shown to have "bursts" of alpha brainwaves when they have good ideas.
Alpha brainwaves are thought to make the brain "act young" again.
In the alpha state fears, habits, and phobias begin to melt away.
Alpha brainwaves bring an effortless sense of comfort, peace, and harmony.
Best for "super learning".
The alpha state is the first layer of our subconscious mind.
A gateway to deeper states of awareness.

Theta Brainwave Frequencies: 4-7 Hz
Theta brainwaves become prominent when we go deeper into meditation and relaxation - almost trance-like.
Here, brain activity decelerates to the threshold of the sleep stage.
One of the more indescribable and wonderful realms we can explore.
The theta state produces flashes of creative visualization through vivid imagery.
In this state we feel much more open and connected to other people.
People often report a feeling of floating while producing theta brainwaves.
Theta brainwaves are thought to bring out a person’s dormant extrasensory perception (ESP) skills.
The theta state heightens problem-solving skills.
Having dominant theta brainwaves are correlated with insight and intuition.
Theta brainwaves bring inspired thought and increased motivation.
Sometimes long-forgotten memories come to the surface.
Children have strong theta brainwaves, which helps to explain their superior ability to learn.
Theta is briefly experienced as we climb out of the depths of delta upon waking, or when falling asleep.
The theta state is the deeper sub-conscious to super- conscious part of the mind.

Delta Brainwave Frequencies: 0-4 Hz
The delta state is associated with "no thinking" during deep, dreamless sleep.
Delta brainwaves are very rewarding.
Delta is said to be the entrance to non-physical states of reality.
A crucial state for renewal, healing, and rejuvenation.
The immune system strengthens in the delta state.
The delta state is the unconscious/super-conscious part of our mind.
Many scientists believe this state to be the most beneficial.

Healy - Personal Wearable Frequency Device with Fingerprint Scanner.  Balance Chakras, Meridians, Auru

Healy is a Wellness device that helps with sleep, pain, depression and anxiety by using frequencies with a wrist band, patches or ear clips.  Now available in the USA.  Healy is so compact, light and inexpensive because it doesn’t need its own data memory, screen or data input device. Install the Healy App on your smartphone before using Healy.  Healy gives you quick bioenergetic support to help balance your mind and body and improve your quality of life, and it can also give you an analysis of your energetic state and help you find ways to improve it.   The Healy Resonance has a fingerprint scanner to help identifying which frequencies/programs to run.

                                              healydevice.png                 chakras.png                               

Adding Chromotherapy lighting to your sauna or home can help balance the bodies energy and adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different parts of the body and emotions. Every Chakra corresponds to a color, Crystal and musical note.  Meditation is used to balance chakras and the body. 

chakra1.jpg Red  1st Root Chakra –Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Life Force, Reproductive.  Music Key of C

The color red as passionate is not just a cultural association. Red light has been shown to enhance libido and increase energy. Additionally, red activates collagen cells and helps stimulate skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  

  • Gonads, Testes, Ovaries
  • Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.
  • Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food.
  • Will to Live
  • Crystal - Red Jasper 

chakra2.jpgOrange/Cyan 2nd Sacral Chakra - Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Elimination, Emotional Self, Creativity. Musical Key of D

Orange light therapy is traditionally used to stimulate mental activity and induce cheerful emotions. Orange hues can increase energy levels and improve a person’s mood. 

  • Spleen, Bladder, Pancreas, Intestines
  • Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in.
  • Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality.
  • Will to Feel
  • Crystal – Carnelion, Tigers Eye


chakra3.jpg Yellow 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra - Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.  Intellect, Cleansing, Elimination. Musical Key of E
Yellow color light therapy can be used to help a person feel spiritually grounded while maintaining a positive outlook. It may help individuals feel more optimistic and lighthearted. 

  • Digestive System, Stomach, Liver, Adrenals.
  • Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.
  • Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.
  • Will to Think
  • Crystal - Citrine 

chakra5.jpgGreen 4th Heart Chakra-Our ability to love.  Unconditional Love. Musical Key of F

We depend on the color green to feel calm.  May consider using green to restore a sense of vividness, joy and inner peace.

 Circulatory System, Hearing, Thymus

  • Location: Center of chest just above heart.
  • Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace.
  • Will to Love
  • Crystal – Adventurine 

sodalite.jpg.jpgBlue 5th Throat Chakra - Our ability to communicate.  Respiratory, Inspiration. Musical key of G

Used in color therapy for individuals who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the “winter blues” 

      Thyroid, Nose, Throat, Lungs

  • Location: Throat.
  • Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth.
  • Will to Express
  • Crystal - Sodalite


amyethystcrystal.jpg.jpgPurple 6th Third Eye Chakra - Our ability to focus on and see the big picture. Indigo – Intuition, Autonomic. Musical key of A

Purple color light therapy helps individuals maintain a sense of “mind over matter” when dealing with chronic pain.. This color stimulates the spleen and white blood cells. It promotes a true sense of tranquility and ability to think and see clearly. 

  • Pineal, Mid Brain, 3rd Eye, Cooling.
  • Location: Forehead between the eyes. (Also called the Brow Chakra)
  • Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions.
  • Will to See
  • Crystal – Amethyst Dark Purple


clearquartzcrystal.jpg.jpgWhite 7th Crown Chakra - The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.  Violet – Spiritual, Integration. Musical key of B & C

This is the most common color to be used in LED color therapy. It is used to receive the benefits from all the colors used for color therapy. Research has shown that white light can even increase vitamin D levels. 

  • Immune System, Pituitary, Left/Right Brain, Spiritual, Power of Transcendence.
  • Location: The very top of the head.
  • Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss.
  • Will to Be
  • Crystal –  Clear Quartz, Light Amethyst
  • Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat

    Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat

    Richway International - Bio Mats/Alkaline Water

    The BioAcoustic Mat - Add a Crystal Infrared Biomat on top of the Bioacoustic Mat for dual therapy Frequency and sound generator mat for relaxation, stress relief and sleep. Richway the manufacturer of the Crystal Infrared Biomat and Quantum pads have...
  • Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat Single Size Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat Single Size

    Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat Single Size

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    The BioAcoustic Mat - Single Frequency and sound generator mat for relaxation, stress relief and sleep. Richway the manufacturer of the Crystal Infrared Biomat and Quantum pads have developed this new air mattress mat with music for the brain to go...
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    Bio Mat Professional with Bioacoustic Mat

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  • Brain Tap  Headset Brain Tap  Headset

    Brain Tap Headset

    Brain Tap

    Brain Tap Guided Meditation Light Headset - Blue tooth - Subscription RequiredBRAIN TAP - Guided Meditation with Music - Light Frequencies - Sound Frequencies - Spoken Word Using four modalities the listener is gently guided into the relaxed...
  • Chromotherapy Lighting Chromotherapy Lighting

    Chromotherapy Lighting

    Chromotherapy Light

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    IMRS Prime the One and Only 6D PEMF Wellness System There are more than 10,000 scientific papers and 2,000 double blind studies on PEMF. The IMRS Prime uses earth based Schumann Frequencies and Intensities with the proven square wave, which has been...
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