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My name is Beth Campbell.  I started Great Solutions and this website domain back in July 1997 to offer unique quality Health Products and educate people about the 9 Laws of Wellness and how important it is to be balanced in each area  in order to achieve Optimal Health.  



 All 9 Laws of Wellness are represented in my logo.  The logo is a person celebrating their joy of having balance in all 9 areas of health. The logo also appears as a growing tree with 9 branches that represents the body and how every branch  needs attention to thrive. 1. Water/Hydration 2. Detoxification/Elimination 3. PH Balance 4. Essential Fatty Acids 5. Enzymes 
6. Trace M
inerals 7. Antioxidants 8. Probiotics 9. Hormone Balancing

1. Water - Drink plenty of purified ph balanced water. Always drink water first thing in the morning, the last thing at night before going to bed and about 1/2 hour before meals.  Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces daily.

2. Detoxification - Regular intestinal and colon cleansing with occasional kidney, heavy metal, liver and blood cleansing to eliminate toxins, heavy metals and stay regular. Sweating and using Ion Cleanse Footbaths and Infrared Saunas help to speed up elimination.

3. PH Balance - Test your ph balance every week with litmus paper to ensure proper ph balance.  Test first thing in the morning before you eat or drink with saliva and also urine.

4. Essential Fatty Acids -Monitor how much omega 3 you are getting and have the proper ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.  Use quality Fish Oil, Anchovy Oil, Flax Oil, Flax Seed, Chia Seed. 

5. Enzymes are essential for digestion and breaking down food so into liquid so you body does not have to work so hard.  Enzymes are required for every chemical action in the body including energy, immune system, stamina and all minerals, vitamins and hormones depend on enzymes.  Your life span is directly related to your enzyme potential and all organs, cells, muscles and bones are run by enzymes. Cooking destroys enzymes so eat as much raw food as possible and take enzyme supplements with your meals and in between meals for a longer healthier and more vital life.

6. Trace Minerals -  Essential for life and their are 90 essential minerals we need for all vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants to work.

7. Antioxidants - fight free radicals and premature aging.  The most powerful antioxidant comes from our own bodies glutathione.

8. Probiotics - Healthy Bacteria in our gut that helps with digestion and supports our immune system.  Regular consumption of probiotics is needed to rebuild the gut after cleansing and to maintain gut health.

9. Hormones - Monitoring and balancing our hormones is essential for overall well being and proper supplementation.

My Mission is to help positive individuals achieve optimal health through education using an holistic, natural approach. 
Thank you for Visiting. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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 Beth Campbell - Owner

I have always been into alternative health products and performance enhancing products for athletes because I was on the US Telemark Ski Team for several years 1988-1992.  My background was in accounting and computer sales and network administration.  I started Great Solutions and created my website in 1997.  I used my sales and marketing background to promote natural health products and educate people on the 9 Laws of Wellness. I am an ordained and licensed as Minister of Health with the authority to dispense Monastic Medicine to all the people through the American University of Indigenous Medicine in accordance with the provisions of law & order codes and as authorized by resolution NR2016.2014. The American University of Indigenous Medicine provides education for it’s practitioners to practice and research wellness programs through the four ancient traditions of natural and sacred healing which cover indigenous, monastic, holistic and/or dynastic healing. Any service and some products require Member to join the Private Network.

My Story - How Great Solutions Began

Back in 1996 the day after Christmas my mom suffered a heart attack and that event was the beginning of my journey into detoxification and looking for answers for longevity and to help my mom.  My mother had been poisoned by lead from clay glazes she used as a clay artist and from mercury from several sources.  My mother found a Naturopathic Doctor for help and started chelation and supplementation to detox the heavy metals and balance her body with supplements and intravenous vitamins.   We had always taken supplements and thought we were eating healthy but began learning what we could do to find answers on how to remove the heavy metals and lower the high blood pressure, high trigycerides and high cholesterol naturally.  There were no Infrared Saunas or Detox Footbaths back then so intravenous, supplements and rocks saunas were the main options.  My mother was my inspiration for healthy eating, vitamins and nutrition and put me on the journey of finding all the products I offer today and why I specialize in Detox and wellness with a holistic approach. My mother suffered later from a stroke and was able to stay with us for 13 years before passing away in 2013.  She suffered from memory issues and dementia in the last few years that has led my on a new path to studying brain devices to assist the elderly with balancing the brain chemistry. The incredible new technology that I have found since my mothers passing includes using light therapy, brain frequency devices and the amazing Thetachamber to reduce stress and regain chemical balance in the brain in just 21 to 28 days.  So many suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, adhd, Bipolar, insomnia, ptsd, and learning disorders.  I have suffered from many of these issues and struggled to find solutions that work.

My Health
I had problems with allergies growing up and had a lot of ear infections and antibiotics along with hormone imbalances, digestion issues and problems with weight gain especially after 40.  I have tried many many diets, supplements, programs and equipment to get rid of fat and lose the belly.  Now that I am 58 it is harder than ever but with the new technology and transformation programs I have found hope to burn off fat and regain muscle even after menopause.  It is so very important to have a holistic approach that addresses all areas of health to achieve optimal health, weight and to maintain proper blood sugar levels.  There is hope to be able to lose body fat/weight, balance the hormones and get rid of the toxins, glyphosates, heavy metals and poisons from the air, water, food and products we consume. 

I understand that balancing stress and the brain chemistry is also critical to balancing hormones and lowering Cortisol to achieve weight/fat loss especially as we get older.  The new technology for the brain, circulation and oxygenation of our bodies are all devices I wish I could have used on my Mother.

Neurological Balancing is just as important as the 9 Laws of Wellness and now there is a way to do this naturally without drugs.
The Thetachamber addresses neurological issues at their root by combining 5 therapies at once and is the ultimate in allowing people to escape the dark cycle of difficulty and reprogram the brain neurological pathways while achieving deep relaxation to combat stress and lower Cortisol levels to make weight loss possible.

I am excited to announce that my business has now expanded with a commercial location so I can offer fat burning/muscle building, Biofeedback, Full Body Red Light Therapy and Brain Balancing Devices including the Thetachamber.

I am here to consult with you to choose the right products or services to assist you on your healthy living journey.


Beth Long (Campbell) Telemark Ski Racing History

US Telemark Ski Team Member 1986 -1992

1984-1988 Jackson Hole Telemark Series Champion

1985 Crested Butte Nationals 25th Place

1986 Steamboat Nationals 4th Place

1986/87 Sun Valley Telemark Series Champion

1986/87 Vikin Fjord/Outside Magazine National Telemark Series Champion

1987 Aspen Nationals/Vikin Fjord 1st Place Slalom, 1st Place Giant Slalom, 1st Place Slalom

1987/88 Wasatch Telemark Series Champion

1988 Snowbird Nationals 1st place Qualifier

1988 Snowbird 1st Place (3rd place in mens)*

1988/89 USSA Outstanding Service and Dedication Award

1989 Pacific Crest Telemark Series 2nd Place

1988/89, 1989/90 Rocky Mountain Telemark Series Champion
1990/91 Rocky Mountain Telemark Series 2nd Place

1990 National Championships Beaver Creek, CO #1 Qualifier*

1990 National Championships Beaver Creek, CO 1st Place Giant Slalom*
(6th place in mens, Defeated Women's World Champion)

1990 World Championships Aspen, CO 3rd Place Slalom

1990 World Championships 6th Place Giant Slalom

1991 National Champion Stowe, VT 1st Place Slalom, 1st Place Giant Slalom, 1st Place Dual Slalom
1991 1st Place Overall Stowe, VT

1991 World Championships Vemalden Sweden 12th Place Giant Slalom

1993 National Championships Breckenridge, CO 2nd Place Slalom, 2nd Place Giant Slalom, 3rd Place Overall

1996 Utah Winter Games 1st place Slalom, 1st Place Giant Slalom

1998 World Cup Masters Park City, UT 2nd Place Giant Slalom

1998 World Cup Masters Snowbird, UT 1st Place Slalom