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Red Light Beds

Full Body Red Light Beds

There are many different types of Red Light Beds available today.  We can help you to compare the Red Light Beds and explain the differences so you can choose the right bed for your business or personal use.  We offer a wide selection of Red Light Beds and other full body Red Light Therapy Solutions and guarantee the best prices. We are here to help you to understand what options, wavelengths and output power/irradiance you need in a Red Light Bed and what all specs mean and which specs or claims are just hype.  Many brands claim they have the most powerful bed out there will the most joules delivered but do the beds actually deliver what the specs claim?  Find out the truth and facts and request our free report comparing Red Light Beds and ask for you free consultation.

Research has shown that phototherapy or photobiomodulation can: increase circulation and blood flow, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, increase nitric oxide, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone, texture and clarity, ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis and much more.  There over 4,000 studies and hundreds of human trials for the benefits of red light and NIR Near Infrared therapy.  

Full Body Red Light Therapy has many General Wellness Intended Uses including:
Clinically Proven Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Stimulates the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  The more efficient your ATP the more energy you will have.
    Stimulates acetlcholine release and balances production. Too much or too little acetylcholine can cause memory impairment.
    Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to widen and increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure and helps with erectile dysfuction, exercise performance and reduces muscle sorenness.
    Stimulates the production of collagen to repair and increase elasticity and eliminate scar tissue and wrinkles.
    Decrease in inflammation.
    Increase vascularity and blood flow by formation of new capillaries.  More oxygen and nutrients speeds up healing.
    Increase lymphatic system.  Light therapy can double the vessel diameter and open up detox pathways for elimination.
    Increase RNA and DNA synthesis to help with cell turnover to speed up healing of the skin.
    Adjunct to Obesity as part of a diet and exercise program
    •  Redevelop Muscles and improved muscle performance & range of motion in joints
    •  Relaxation of muscles and relief from muscle spasms
    •  Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness
    •  Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis
    •  Temporarily increase blood circulation
    •  Decrease in soreness after exercise 
    •  Normalized inflammatory Response
    •  Improved recovery time after injuries
    •  Reduced discomfort
    •  Faster achievement of optimal health
    •  Better post-exercise recovery
    ⦁  Improved look of sun/UV damaged skin
    ⦁  Skin rejuvenation, restoration
    ⦁  Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    ⦁  Reduces the appearance of crow's feet
    ⦁  Clears blemishes
    ⦁  Improves the appearance of skin tone
    ⦁  Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen, elastin and laminin 
    ⦁  Helps the appearance of stretch marks, scars, rosacea and uneven tone
    ⦁  Creates more skin moisture which will help fill out skin
    ⦁  Helps in reducing melanin production, which causes brown age spots
    ⦁  Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin 
    ⦁  Helps the appearance of irregular pigmentation
    ⦁  Lessens skin coarseness 
    ⦁  Lessens pore size
    ⦁  Stimulates and activates metabolic function in skin cells
    ⦁  Smooths texture
    ⦁  Reduces skin degradation
    ⦁  Helps the appearance of irregular pigmentation
    ⦁  Lessens skin coarseness
    ⦁  Lessens pore size 
    ⦁  Stimulates and activates metabolic function in skin cells
    ⦁  Smooths texture
    ⦁  Reduces skin degradation  
    ⦁  Helps the appearance of irregular pigmentation 
    ⦁  Lessens skin coarseness  
    ⦁  Lessens pore size 
    ⦁  Stimulates and activates metabolic function in skin cells  
    ⦁  Smooths texture
    ⦁  Reduces skin degradation
    ⦁  Reduces the appearance of overall redness and flushing

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Red Light - 3+ mm below the skin - works from the inside out. 630-660 nm

NIR or Near Infrared 10+ mm below the skin. Deeper penetration and helps with pain relief. 850nm - 940nm

Red Light Beds are considered general wellness products and do not meet the definition of a device under section 201(h) of the FD&C Act and therefore are not subject to the FD&C Act’s regulatory requirements for devices.  Meaning, they do NOT require FDA Clearance or 510(k) Clearance.   Instead, these devices are simply "registered" with the FDA as General Wellness Products but can apply for a 510k clearance or other intended uses.

  In JULY of 2015, the FDA has created a guidance document to describe their current thinking on the topic of Low Risk/General Wellness Devices.  The document is called General Wellness: Policy for Low Risk Devices and can be found on the FDA website.  Please refer to that document for full details.  The following is a brief overview.

 The Center for Devices and Radiological Health defines general wellness products as products that meet the following two factors:  intended for only general wellness use and present a very low risk to users’ safety
 To be considered a general wellness product, a device has to have: an intended use that relates to a maintaining or encouraging a general state of health or a healthy activity.
 If the product’s intended uses are not limited to the above general wellness intended uses, this guidance does not apply. To be considered a LOW RISK device, the product cannot:

  • be invasive
  • involve an intervention or technology that may pose a risk to a user’s safety if device controls are not applied
  • raise novel questions of usability
  • raise questions of biocompatibility

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