Vital Saunas

Vital Saunas

Vital Saunas

Vital Saunas are a more affordable carbon heater sauna and come in Hemlock or Cedar and have free shipping and a lifetime warranty.  

New Models offer BEST IN CLASS in the following areas:​

  • Vital Rays GEN III Low EMF Heaters offer more near and far infrared coverage than ANY two person sauna on the market
  • EMF Levels: Vital Rays GEN III heaters are the newest and most advanced carbon heaters on the market. They transmit up to 5X LESS EMF than ANY cell phone
  • Best near and far infrared 'even heat distribution' of any two person full spectrum sauna on the market.
    Heaters positioned correctly and penetrating you from all angles is critical to receiving all the health benefits.
  • Exclusive Features:
    ​​Magnetic Flux Therapy: Vital Health Saunas is the ONLY company in existence that includes magnetic flux into their saunas and the only one to
    have a 120 volt Receptacle and 3 USB Charging Ports INSIDE their saunasThe owner also has an electronics degree and has designed each model for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Vital Sauna offers Full Spectrum Saunas or just Far infrared Saunas.  The near infrared heaters help rejuvenate your skin. Near infrared is known for increasing collagen levels for a smoother, younger looking skin. The Near Infrared Heaters are top-of-the-line full spectrum Vital Rays glass heaters. 

You can even turn the glass heaters on and off during your therapy sessions.  The Near Infrared Red Light Heaters are in the front of the sauna next to the door.


What Is Magnetic Flux Therapy & What Will It Do For You?magneticflux.jpg
 Magnetic Therapy is a non-medical method for the treatment of discomfort. Over the past years, publicity and awareness of magnets to help eliminate discomfort and enhance the body’s natural healing process has increased dramatically. News articles and books have been published to educate consumers on the uses, benefits and availability of magnets. 
​Magnetic Therapy History

The association between magnets, health and well-being is currently enjoying a revival, but the approach is not a new one – magnetic therapy possesses an ancient and colorful heritage. Magnets have occupied a central role within Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Magnetic wave therapy has its roots in the oriental understanding of health according to Chi, an energy flow regarded as the body’s principal life force and the key to well being.

  • Rare and unique 90 day distillation process of all Hemlock Wood. This rigorous safety process ensures you will not have to ever worry about any hazard outgassingCustomer SAFETY is Vital Health Saunas' top priority