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IMRS Prime the One and Only 6D PEMF Wellness System

There are more than 10,000 scientific papers and 2,000 double blind studies on PEMF.

The IMRS Prime uses earth based Schumann Frequencies and Intensities with the proven square wave, which has been shown to be the most effective for healing an regeneration. The Sense Biofeedback system automatically adjusts to what your body needs while the Prime Brain (sound and light relaxation system) and the iGuide database of 250+ protocols make is easy to use.

Now with FIR Infrared – PEMF – Light & Color – Sound – Biofeedback – SPO2 Oxygenation & Monitoring


Eliminate pain and inflammation naturally, get a deep restful sleep, increase vitality and feel better.

Square Wave An instantaneous rise to the maximum intensity, followed by a consistent peak and then and instantaneous fall to zero intensity. NASA research proved that square waves are extremely effective for repairing and regenerating cellular structures, particularly neurons. * NASA 2003-212054

Sinusoidal Wave It gradually increase in intensive, then gradually decreases in intensity. *NASA research showed that eh sinusoidal wave is one of the lease effective waveforms for electromagnetic therapy (found in common PEMF devices) *NASA 2003-212054

The Schuman Resonances circumnavigate within the earth’s ionosphere at an average of 7.83 HZ. This frequency correlates with the average Frequency of the alpha brain waves. If our bodies are blocked or receive less of these natural frequencies, cell function is impaired.


iRMS has a built in biorhythm clock using .5 Hz, 3 Hz, 5.5 Hz and 15 Hz as the primary frequencies. This is great because it gives you the right frequency for the time of day.

For example, in the morning you’re getting primarily around 15 Hz, which is a healthy Beta brain-state frequency. This helps to wake you up and energize you so you can be more alert in the morning and early part of the day (to get work done and to be mentally sharp and alert.

In the evening programs it uses primarily more of the Delta/Theta frequencies (.5 Hz and 3Hz respectively), which helps you to wind down, relax and get ready for sleep. So, it’s very in tune with your biorhythm, and what you need for the time of day.

The iRMS has the sleep frequencies for theta and delta settings which is why iRMS get more positive reviews for better sleep than any other PEMF device.

1979 FDA approval for bone growth

1991 FDA approval for postoperative pain

1998 FDA approval for urinary incontinence

2011 FDA approval for depression & pain2014 Health Canada Approval for pains, aches and to increase blood circulation (IRMS)


 You can “charge your cells” everyday with PEMF technology using the IRMS Prime (triple saw tooth waveform) that matches the biological window of human cell frequencies (.5 – 25 Hz) and intensities (.1-70 microTesla)

Electromagnetic impulses (OEMF) with matching frequencies can produce cellular resonance. Electromagnetic impulses produce resonant vibrations to membrane receptors (neuropeptides) and stimulate vital functions within the cellular structure. This results in improved intercellular communication produced through inductive resonance.

 Photonic Stimulation – See the Light

iRMS uses constant, repetitive light pulses to entrain the brain. Delivered by television or computer screens, strobe lights, eye sets, virtual reality goggles. Visual entrainment is more effective than audio entrainment, because the visual cortex is larger than the auditory cortex. When the visual cortex becomes entrained, it affects a greater portion of the brain.

Sound Audio Entrainment
The deliberate use of sounds to modify the mind has been chronicled throughout history (Aboriginal didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowl, Native American flute, Tribal drum), used as powerful tools for transformation. Modern neuroscientist found audio entrainment to bring about these same binaural beats and tones, induce super learning, memory improvement, creativity.


Far Infrared
Infrared (IR) Infrared radiation (IR) is also called infrared light, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. IR wavelengths extend from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 0.7 micrometers or microns (frequency 430 THz, to 1 millimeter (300 GHz).


The iMRS prime wellness system is not licensed or certified as a medical device. The system is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any particular disease or a symptom of a disease. No sales partner of Swiss Bionic Solutions is allowed to make any specific health claim aside from the legally authorized intent of use.

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