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ZYTO Balance The original wellness scanner that provides individuals insights about their biological coherence to nutritional products, oils, supplements and food choices.

Your ZYTO Balance system includes both hardware and software. The ZYTO Hand Cradle, a galvanic skin response measurement device, collects subtle changes in the electrical properties of your skin. The Compass software records these changes and generates a report based on these readings that identifies biological coherence to virtual items representing physical items such as wellness products, essential oils, and nutritional supplements. This information helps you and your clients make individualized choices about products, oils, and supplements to maintain wellness.

1) Galvanic Skin Response

The ZYTO bioscan relies on galvanic skin response (GSR)—an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. One familiar application of GSR is lie detector testing.

2) ZYTO Hand Cradle

The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures the user’s galvanic skin response and sends that data directly to the ZYTO software for analysis. The GSR data is correlated and compared with Virtual Items in the software database.

3) Virtual Items
Each Virtual Item represents a different physical item. Every time the software introduces a Virtual Item, a corresponding GSR reading is taken by the Hand Cradle. Each new response is measured and tracked in comparison to the GSR baseline reading.

 4) Proprietary Software
ZYTO’s proprietary software analyzes GSR data for patterns of coherence—looking for the ways your GSR readings fluctuate or shift in response to each Virtual Item.

 5) Biological Coherence
While tracking the GSR data in comparison with each Virtual Item, ZYTO software assigns each Virtual Item a positive or negative value based on the coherence patterns. Positive values indicate Virtual Items that the body is biologically coherent with.

 6) Prioritized Responses
An easy-to-read report is generated that displays a ranking of the Virtual Items that resulted in greater biological coherence. The report can then be used to assist individuals as they make choices to maintain overall health and wellness. We call this whole process biocommunication.

Biomarker stressor Virtual Items

A typical ZYTO scan begins with a scan of digital signatures representing internal body parts and systems such as:
  • Organs
  • Vertebrae
  • Teeth
  • TCM Meridians
When running a Select session with your clients, you have the option to choose from many different kinds of scans. For example, the ZYTO biosurveys library offers an array of different scans including:
  1. Basic Scans – Perfect for first-time or regular return visits to support wellness.
  2. Advanced Scans – A great choice when you need to scan for a wide range of Virtual Items.
  3. Foods Scan – A specialized scan that can provide insight into your clients specific dietary choices 
  4. Personal wellness areas

    Along with helping you put together the pieces of your personal wellness puzzle, ZYTO technology can help you keep that puzzle intact. Our solutions are designed to assist you in improving and maintaining all areas so you can be your best self and live the way you want to live. Common areas that our biocommunication scanning and perception reframing sessions can help you with include the following:

    • Energy
    • Lifestyle
    • Gut Health
    • Detoxification
    • Relationships
    • Weight Loss
    • Environmental Factors
    • Nutrition
    • Performance
    • Anti-Aging

    Get a ZYTO scan for assistance with physical wellness

    The core of ZYTO technology is biocommunication scanning. By measuring your body for galvanic skin response, a ZYTO scan can determine which nutritional supplements, foods, oils, or services your body is most biologically coherent with. The more primitive form of this technology is referred to as electrodermal screening (EDS), but biocommunication scanning has advanced EDS by providing more accurate measurements, an expansive list of items to scan for, and advanced scanning options, among other things.

    What it all adds up to is a more personalized experience for you when you get a scan from a practitioner or other wellness advocate. These individualized results will help you make decisions that can positively impact your physical health. And with ZYTO Remote, your practitioner or advocate can scan you from the comfort of your own home via Internet connection, making the consultation process more convenient than ever.

    Reframe your perceptions for emotional wellness

    Another area of technology that ZYTO has pioneered is perception reframing. The frequencies in your voice reveal your subconscious perception about a topic, and ZYTO perception reframing technology is able to create a voice map of those frequencies to determine what’s “missing” compared to the ideal perception. The software then allows you to subconsciously absorb that information to help you reframe a perception.

    Since perceptions play such a prominent role in your life, reframing them can result in improvements in relationships, performance, and overall happiness. And because emotional and physical health both influence and are influenced by each other, many practitioners combine ZYTO scanning with perception reframing to assist clients in a more holistic way.


    Perception has a powerful impact on your health and wellness. An expansive, positive outlook on life will allow you to function with greater ease and less stress. A limited, negative outlook, on the other hand, can lead to more stress and a cycle of general negative behavior.

     Since most perceptions are static, you are likely to repeat behaviors associated with those perceptions, creating the same reality over and over. With the help of ZYTO voice mapping software, however, you can shift your subconscious mind to a more desirable mindset in any area of your life in which you are struggling or want to enhance.

    Here’s how the perception reframing process works to help you obtain a more positive outlook on life.

    1) Voice Mapping

    The spoken voice is packed with subtle energetic frequencies that reflect the speaker’s perception of the topic. These energetic frequencies can be measured and mapped with ZYTO’s innovative voice-mapping technology. The map generated based on the energy of your voice reveals the present and missing frequencies compared to the ideal perception in each of the 12 perception zones.

    2) Energetic Transfer

    The software selects the energetic frequencies your body shows a biological coherence for based on the voice analysis. This unique information is then introduced to the subconscious via a software output. Thinking about the topic as your subconscious mind receives this information helps you to gradually shift the static perception that may be holding you back.

    3) Perception Shift

    The process of analyzing and mapping the voice and then receiving information through energetic transfer is repeated several times on the chosen topic. Your voice pattern will eventually change as missing information is incorporated. When the software detects a significant change in your voice pattern, it indicates that a shift has occurred and the perception of the topic has been reframed. A common result of this shift is a feeling of being uplifted and inspired.

    Take Control of Your Reality

    ZYTO perception reframing technology can help you break the cycle of holding onto attitudes and ways of dealing with life that limit your ability to be happier, healthier, and more successful. Reframing sessions are available to you through a qualified practitioner who uses our evox software.

    Determine biological coherence with a simple scan

    Using an automated biosurvey & library inventory features, the Balance accomplishes 4 main objectives:

    1. Identifies specific nutritional supplements and essential oils you sell for which your client shows a biological coherence.
    2. Identifies key biomarker areas for which your client may need additional support.
    3. Identifies the clinical services for which your client shows a biological coherence; these may be services that you offer in your practice, or outside services to which you refer them.
    4. Generates future appointments for your practice or business.
    There is a $50 per month subscription for each Nutritional Company Products you want included. 
    The 1st month subscription is included in the purchase price.  Please indicate which product line you want loaded onto your Zyto
    * August Special get 2 free months with purchase this month
    • Advocare
    • Ameo / Zija Int’l
    • Be Young*
    • doTERRA*
    • Forever Living
    • M’lis
    • Melaleuca
    • Nature’s Sunshine*
    • Rainforest Remedies (NBA)*
    • PureTrim*
    • Purium
    • USANA*
    • Vollara*
    • Youngevity*
    • Young Living*

    *Indicates that product line is optimized for categorization in the Balance Wellness Report 

     Professional Product Lines (Practictioner License Required)

    • Biotics Research*
    • Deseret Biologicals
    • Designs for Health*
    • Energetix*
    • Nutra Biogenesis
    • MD Logic
    • Metagenics
    • Nutri-Dyn
    • Nutritional Frontiers*
    • Nutri-West*
    • Optimal Health Systems*
    • Premier Research Labs*
    • Solutions4
    • Standard Process/MediHerb*
    • Systemic Formulas
    • Xymogen

    *Indicates that product line is optimized for categorization in the Balance Wellness Report 

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