Vital Sauna Elite 1 Person Full Spectrum

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350.00 LBS
  • Vital Sauna Elite 1 Person Full Spectrum
  • Vital Sauna Elite 1 Person Full Spectrum
  • Vital Sauna Elite 1 Person Full Spectrum


Canadian Cedar Wood
120 V 15 Amp  37 x 36 x 75. Easy 30 minute installation
Magnetic Flux, Chromotherapy and Kenwood Stereo

VITAL RAYS® FAR INFRARED CARBON TECH superiorly engineered with the advanced Japanese technology. These are thin, light weight, safe, non-toxic, energy-efficient and highly effective heaters.Our heating panels cover a 689 in surface area per large heater. They are vastly “W I D E R” and provide a broader more “even” far infrared heat distribution area which far exceeds other carbon heaters. This spreads the far infrared heat evenly around the peak human output level of 9.4 microns to give users a more beneficial therapeutic sauna session.

1 top-of-the-line full spectrum Vital Rays glass heaters. You can even turn the glass heaters on and off during your therapy sessions

Get the most heaters and more near and far infrared coverage than ANY two person sauna on the market.

 Control Unit    Chromo Color Therapy  Carbon Heaters     Ionizer            Exteriror Lighting              Backrest         Lifetime Warranty

magneticflux.jpgVital Health Saunas is the ONLY company in existence that includes:

Magnetic Flux Therapy

120 volt Receptacle and 3 USB Charging Ports

The most heaters and infrared heating coverage to comparable size saunas.


Standard Options Include:

Stereo System with FM with bluetooth

Top-notch Halogen Reading Light

Thicker cabinet and side walls for extra insulation

Controllable Chromotherapy LED lights

Ionizer Fan

Soft touch digital controllers Inside & Out

One ergonomic backrest for added comfort

Lifetime Warranty

Heaters positioned correctly and penetrating you from all angles is critical to receiving all the health benefits.

 Low EMF Levels: Vital Rays GEN III heaters are the newest and most advanced carbon heaters on the market.

What Is Magnetic Flux Therapy & What Will It Do For You

Magnetic Therapy is a non-medical method for the treatment of discomfort. Over the past years, publicity and awareness of magnets to help eliminate discomfort and enhance the body’s natural healing process has increased dramatically. News articles and books have been published to educate consumers on the uses, benefits and availability of magnets. 

​Magnetic Therapy History

The association between magnets, health and well-being is currently enjoying a revival, but the approach is not a new one – magnetic therapy possesses an ancient and colorful heritage. Magnets have occupied a central role within Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years: magnetic wave therapy has its roots in the oriental understanding of health according to Chi, an energy flow regarded as the body’s principal life force and the key to well being.

Saunas are Non Refundable once shipped.

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Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty
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