Prism Light Pod White

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500.00 LBS
  • Prism Light Pod White
  • Prism Light Pod White
  • Prism Light Pod White


Prism Light Pod


Prism Light Pod offers a full service Red Light Bed with 6 easy to use programs 

Most Powerful: Prism Light Pod uses the most powerful red and near infrared LEDs delivering a maximum of 100 milliwatts per centimeters squared of brightness. More importantly, we’ve designed and engineered our light pods to deliver 360 degrees of light therapy with light waves that is closest to the body. Our LEDs are 1/2 inch away from penetrating the body from below and 2-4 inches away from top, depending on your body type. Our competition’s LEDs are 5 inches away from below, and 18-24 inches away when their top is closed. This results in Prism Light Pod delivering 8-10 times deeper penetration

  • Most Automated:
     We’ve optimized the irradiance (frequency and intensity) for six settings that satisfy 95% of patient use cases, so you do not have to become an expert in photobiomodulation settings. The Prism Light Pod settings are fully optimized and 100% unattended.

  • Our Pro Partner Joint Marketing Program: We bring more than 20 years of our expertise to help you build a profitable red light therapy business. We’ll cobrand your light pod with your company logo at no additional cost. We include training, turnkey marketing materials, signage, banners, flyers, web & social media content, planning & participation in a launch event to provide day-1 profitability with every light pod. The Pro Partner Joint Marketing Program delivered in-house is a $10,000 value included at no cost with every Prism Light Pod.
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LuxLife magazine feature for the Global Excellence Award:

Most Energy Efficient:

Prism Light Pod is the most energy-efficient light Pod in the industry and the only one to support 110V standard electrical outlet.

Our unique software and power distribution technologies deliver the most powerful and the most energy efficient light pod:

  • Plugs into a standard 110V electrical outlet (USA)
  • Saves $4-5K Not having to re-wire for 220V outlet
  • Supports 220V internationally
  • Pulls a maximum of 18 AMPs of peak energy
  • Supports a standard 20 AMP dedicated circuit breaker
  • Saves thousands of  dollars of ongoing energy costs
  • Includes multi-speed oscillating fan for patient comfort


92″ width x 44 1/2″ deep x 48″ high (when opened)

  • Industrial steel frame with heavy-duty spring suspensions (not hydraulic poles)
  • Light Pod weighs approx. 320 lbs
  • Supports up to a 400 lbs person
  • Includes a LED display console
  • WIFI enabled for software optimization
  • Local and remote on/off
  • Built-in oscillating fan
  • Built-in iPod/iPhone holder for music
  • Includes protective eye wear

10 Year Life

The Prism Light Pod is designed with industrial reliability, serviceability and a 10-year life. It’s WIFI enabled for remote troubleshooting and service.

It comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and 1-year onsite warranty including all parts and labor with onsite warranty extensions. 

Our Light Pods are 100% designed and manufactured in Denver, CO USA, features include:

  • Industrial LEDs with a 100,000 hour MTBF, 10-year life
  • Durable high-strength steel frame
  • Electrical circuitry, power distribution & LED burned-in and quality-tested for 120-hours
  • WIFI-enabled for remote troubleshooting and service
  • No EMF certified without hazardous materials
  • 8×5 support hotline and texting
  • 48-hour best-effort onsite labor parts and service warranty included

Shipping and installaton included but may vary.  Sales Tax not included

 FDA Intended Use

 • Restoration of Motion to Joints • Redevelop Muscles • Adjunct to Obesity as part of a diet and exercise program• Relaxation of muscles and relief from muscle spasms • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness • Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with Arthritis • Temporarily increase blood circulation

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Warranty Information

5 Year
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