Gia Cell Chip Flat 4 Pack Silver

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  • Gia Cell Chip Flat 4 Pack Silver
  • Gia Cell Chip Flat 4 Pack Silver


Gia Wellness Cell Phone EMF Chips 4 Pack

Day in and day out, you may be exposing yourself to more stress than you thought by simply using your Cell Phone, PDA or Bluetooth headset, etc.  Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from these devices has been linked to various stress-induced problems and illnesses and could very well be compromising your health and well being. As a leader in the field of bioenergetics, Gia has introduced the Gia Cell Chip, the most advanced dual action technology designed to significantly address this newest source of stress in our daily lives.

Gia's Cell Chip (Formerly Bio Pro) combines the benefits of two powerful, innovative and scientifically substantiated technologies: the proprietary, patented noise field nano-technology MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), and the proprietary subtle energy innovation ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology). Individually and collectively, these cutting-edge technologies offer a groundbreaking and effective way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today's electronic environment.

Put stress on hold today and enjoy the conveniences of modern life with the one-and-only Gia Cell Chip.

Potential Benefits:
• Groundbreaking dual action technology designed to help address one of the most significant sources of stress in your daily life
• Convenient and affordable
• Also works great on PDA’s and Bluetooth!


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