Home Harmonizer Gia

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  • Home Harmonizer Gia
  • Home Harmonizer Gia


Gia Home Harmonizer 

Dual Action Technology - designed to stress reduction and energy enhancement in your home and office.

Unique in the market

Designed to help create an enhanced living and working environment for you, your children and pets

Covers up to 60 foot radius

Uses no electricity

Easy to use- Plug into your wall outlet


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the directions for using the Home Harmonizer?
A. Simply plug the Home Harmonizer into the centrally located wall socket in your home or office environment.

Q. What room/area should I plug the Home Harmonizer in?
A. The Home Harmonizer harmonizes the electric current and circuit in which it is plugged into, thus we suggest plugging it into a central located socket. The Home Harmonizer spreads a balancing yet invigorating subtle energy field that has a radius of 60 feet. If there is a room or office in which you spend a lot of time, we highly suggest using one Home Harmonizer specifically in that room.

Q. Does the 60 foot radius travel in all directions? Can it go upstairs/downstairs?
A. The 60-foot radius travels in all directions. It travels through ceilings, floors and walls between bedrooms.

Q. If the Home Harmonizer is plugged into a certain room, do the electronic devices/machinery in the room need the BIOPRO Universal Chips on them?
A. Yes, the EMF-emitting devices in any of your rooms need the BIOPRO Universal Chips on them. The Home Harmonizer harmonizes the electrical currents that run through your home/office, but the electrical appliances need the BIOPRO Universal Chips specifically on them for the best preventative measures in protecting your body from negative effects of the electrical magnetic frequencies.



"Between my wife, my kids, and I, our home is filled with wireless gadgets. Our family is sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but ever since we installed GIA Harmonizers throughout our home, everybody has felt a sense of relief, more energy and better sleep." *

J.J., Beaverton, OR

"I have two computers in my office and when I used to work at them, I could only sit for 15 minutes at a time?I used to feel so drained. When I plugged my GIA Harmonizer into my office wall, I noticed I did not have to get up as often.  In fact, I have to force myself to take a break! I am less fatigued, less stressed, and so much more productive!" *

D.K., Fairfield, CT

"I installed my GIA Harmonizer in my home office because it is centrally located upstairs and I have numerous EMF-emitting devices in the room.  What surprised me was my dog's reaction.  The upstairs of our home is off limits to the dog and that worked well, because he never liked to be in our office anyway. That is, until we installed the GIA Harmonizer.  Within 24 hours, the dog paid an uninvited visit to the office, and now is a regular visitor. He even hesitates to leave when scolded! He has been attracted to that room ever since the product was installed.  He demonstrates what we all feel - a desire to be in a calmer, less stressful environment." *

C.P., San Diego, CA

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