Welcome to the Great Solutions Blog.  2022 is the 25th year in business for Great Solutions and the beginning of this website domain that I started back in July 1997. Great Solutions has expanded and now has Great Solutions Summer Body offering weight management services with a fitness center that uses our devices and products.

Come to our "Try before you buy" retail store or join as a Private Member for weight management services and rejuvenation. We will be offering Personal Training and Structural Integration services plus adding a Theta Wellness Center that includes the amazing Thetachamber.  The Thetachamber and the Brain/Guided Meditation products are my favorite. The Thetachamber uses 5 modalities at one time to quickly get you into the Theta State where you can achieve optimum results for stress relief and balance.  We would love to hear your thoughts and see you at our wellness center.

Beth Campbell story of Great Solutions

20th Apr 2021 Beth Campbell

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