Summer Body Shaper

Summer Body Shaper RF Pro - 2 Large Paddles + RF

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  • Summer Body Shaper RF Pro - 2 Large Paddles + RF
  • Summer Body Shaper RF Pro - 2 Large Paddles + RF
  • Summer Body Shaper RF Pro - 2 Large Paddles + RF
  • Summer Body Shaper RF Pro - 2 Large Paddles + RF


Summer Body Shaper RF Pro 
2 Large Paddles Plus Radio Frequency

Get the toned and sculpted body you plus fat loss enhanced with RF.


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Summer Body Shaper RF Pro is world-first treatment that combines HIEMT technology with RF.

 HIEMT: Electromagnetic fields trigger thousands of muscle contractions with high intensity, which forces the muscle fibers and cells to multiply and grow at a much faster rate, helping patients to significantly increase their muscle volume.

 RF: While radiofrequency heat can burn and destroy fat cells.

The radiofrequency heating prepares muscles for exposure to stress, similar to what a warm up activity does before any workout. It boosts blood supply to muscles so they build up stronger and faster.

 It also heats layers of subcutaneous fat to a level that causes apoptosis and physically break down. Then damaged fat cells will be slowly removed by body metabolism in a natural way, leading to permanent fat removal.

 The radiofrequency process also helps to improve skin laxity while tightening up the skin at the same time.

Building muscles and burn fat together.  Non-Invasive hip lifting.  Suitable for Everyone- no anesthesia- no surgery.

Short Term Treatment, on time 30 minutes.  Only 4 sessions are required between 5-10 days.  Feels like intensive exercise but without the muscle soreness. Safe without down time.  The result is immediate but it will be noticeable after two to four weeks.  Muscle Mass increased by an average of 25%.  Average Fat Loss 30%

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Summer Body Shaper is the only procedure which helps patients build muscle and sculpt the body at the same time. Feels like an intensive exercise, good for health.

 It is suitable for shaping, gaining muscle, dissolving fat, exercising vest lines and raising hips.

 It provides the world's first non-invasive hip lifting procedure. Non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation.

 Based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. A single Summer Body Shaper session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles.

 It works by super-maximal contraction: muscle tissue is forced to adapt to this extreme condition.

It responds by a profound transformation of the internal structure, which leads to muscle accumulation, tension, conditioning and burning fat.

 By reducing abdominal fat and at the same time building a muscle foundation under the fat, it helps patients achieve a slimmer and more athletic body contour.

 The recommended treatment plan: 30 minute treatment with minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 7days apart. Your provider will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.


Use of HI-EMT/HI-FEM: A specific range of frequencies that do not allow the muscle to relax between successive stimuli, forcing the muscle to remain contractive for several seconds. Muscle formation occurs when muscle tissue is repeatedly exposed to these high load conditions.  Frequency can reach 10 hz

 Studies have shown that abdominal muscle thickness increases by an average of 15-16% one to two months after treatment with HI-EMT/Hi-FEM.  Up to 30% reduction has been seen when adding RF after 4 sessions




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Summer Body Shaper is a multifunctional body shaping and muscle building instrument. It is suitable for slimming,

shaping, gaining muscle, dissolving fat, exercising vest lines and raising hips good for health.

⚫ It is particularly effective for the buttocks and abdomen. It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic

(HIFEM) field technology to induce short-term bursts of strong muscle contraction, resulting in increased

muscle density, reduced volume, improved clarity and improved tone.

⚫ It is the only way to help women and men build muscle and burn fat, and is the world's first non-invasive

method of lifting hips.

⚫ It works by super-maximal contraction; muscle tissue is forced to adapt to this extreme condition. It

responds by a profound transformation of the internal structure, which leads to muscle accumulation,

tension, conditioning and burning fat. By reducing abdominal fat and at the same time building a

muscle foundation under the fat, it helps patients achieve a slimmer and more athletic body contour.

When applied to the buttocks, it can give the patient a more weight-lifting, sporty body shape. The heating/cooling principle is not used, so there is no risk of burns, scars or swelling. The recommended

treatment plan is to perform four times, every time 30 minutes within two weeks. The best results will

be seen after three months, and will continue to improve after six months. Can strengthen gluteal or

abdominal muscles and burn fat while maintaining


Through HI EMT (high energy focused electromagnetic wave) technology, autologous muscles

can realize the ultimate training of continuous expansion and contraction, so as to deeply

reshape the internal structure of muscles. It promotes the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement)

to produce new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia)and increases muscle density and

volume through training. The core principle of Summer Body Shaper : High energy focused electromagnetic wave

Free of ionization

The nonthermal

No radiation


Under Hi EMT technology, the 100% limit muscle contraction movement can cause a large

amount of fatty acid decomposition, fatty acid from the triglyceride decomposition outflow,

in the fat cell a large amount of accumulation. Fatty acid concentration is too high, allowing

adipocyte apoptosis, in a few weeks by the body normal metabolism out of the body.


So the Summer Body Shaper can strengthen and increase muscle, at the same time accomplish reducing fat effectively.




Ÿ Building muscles and burn fat together

Ÿ Non-invasive hip lifting

Ÿ Suitable for everyone-no anesthesia-no surgery

Ÿ Short-term treatment, one time 30 minutes

Ÿ Only 4 sessions are required between 2-3 days (6+ sessions if BMI is high)

Ÿ Feels like an intensive exercise

Ÿ Safe without downtime

Ÿ The result is immediate, but it will be noticeable after two to four weeks.

Ÿ Muscle mass increased by an average of 16%

Ÿ Average fat loss 19%

Electromagnetic field of HIEMT can target motor nerve cells to generate action potential, which directly stimulates muscle contraction. It can be said that "you can do exercise while lying down." During the 30 minute treatment, the muscles are contracted 30,000 times with high frequency and high intensity, which cannot be achieved in general exercise! Muscle extreme contraction requires a large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells next to the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and reducing fat thickness effectively.

 Muscle movements caused by HIEMT will not damage other joints orb ones of the body, and it can effectively strengthen the muscles of the abdomen or buttocks, increase the number and volume of muscle fibers.  It makes the body lines more prominent, "mermaid line" and "The vest line"  clearer.

1. 2-3 times a week, 4-6 times as a treatment course. 

2. 4-6 treatment courses are best. Depending on the customer's 

physical condition, obese or long-term non-exercise customers can increase the treatment course.

 3. The best effect is 2-4 weeks after treatment. Some people will feel tight muscles just after finishing

4. Additional treatments at intervals of 2-3 months can maintain the most maintained effect

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Track your Results

Multi segmental scale to track your results for BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water plus composition or arms, legs and trunk.  Get a report monitoring your progress when you weigh in.  See weight, body fat and body water and more with graphs and clear results. (3D Body scanning coming soon – full body measurements)

Sample Reports showing fat loss and muscle mass after 2 Sessions for 30 minutes on the Abdomen only. starting on February 17th.









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