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Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New

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605.00 LBS
  • Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New
  • Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New
  • Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New
  • Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New
  • Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New
  • Cryo Innovations XR Cryochamber Like New


Cryo Innovations XR Chamber Like New   Free Shipping

New this unit costs $59,000 so your chance to save $20,000!  This one won't last

This unit is from December of 2022 so the warranty is good until December 2025 with a $1500 transfer fee that also includes training and setup instruction. (not included with the chamber)  Shipping and insurance is included for curbside delivery.  The chamber can be uncrated and rolled to move inside and designed to be portable and easy to install.  Cryo Innovations will assist you in getting up and running until you are comfortable running your chamber and can assist via wifi to monitor your sessions and support you.
Extended Warranty available for $5000 for 2 years. 
Low use and in excellent condition and guaranteed to be in working order.



Cryo Innovations provides a turn-key operation to help your business be successful:

  • Permitting support through all your city and state requirements with in-house lawyer
  • Facility development support, specifically in regards to air circulation
  • Direct access to nationwide Cryotherapy insurance in-case you need it
  • Custom-branded marketing materials
  • Exclusive access to digital marketing content
  • Direct access to nationwide Liquid Nitrogen supplier that approves the safe Cryo Innovations design
  • X-Factor: ELITE Social Media Consulting to learn how to hack social media for targeting your prospects
  • Point of Sale software manages members, subscriptions, and credit card processing
  • Industry leading 3-year full coverage warranty
  • 24-hour customer service
  • One size chamber able to accommodate up to 7’ tall persons
  • Complete Mobility
  • WIFI enabled 10” touchscreen tablet controls
  • 110v listed power supply with UL listed electronics and power supply
  • Spiral nozzles at the chest to immerse the client faster in the cold environment
  • NO drying out time or motorized platforms which can malfunction over time
  • Customized robes, booties, & gloves provided with purchase.
  • Financing available
  • thermal-imaging-1-.jpg

●All piping cleaned to CGA Standard G-4.1
●All brazing / welding performed by technicians qualified to Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications, of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
●All piping used complies with ASTM B 819
●Assembled, installed, and tested in accordance with Chapter 13 of the International Plumbing Code and NFPA 99
●Pressure tested and leak checked pneumatically, with Clean, Oil Free, Dry Nitrogen, to 110% MAWP.  Also tested with Liquid Nitrogen to 100% MAWPServicing and Maintenance
●Remote Access via Wifi
●24 hour customer service
●Email notifications on diagnostics


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The XR’s safety features include a pulse oximeter, head proximity sensor, and operator input to ensure the chamber will only run when certain criteria are met.
Easy opening of the door from the inside creates a greater feeling of safety and comfort, allowing clients to terminate their session if need be.

Fingerprint Authorization

Two fingerprint authorizations are required to operate the Recovery XR, one via an approved operator and one via an approved user. 

Operator Required

The operator must touch the screen every 30 seconds to verify they're still monitoring the user.

Door Design

The door never locks and requires little force to open. The door itself contains a proximity sensor which triggers the valves to shutdown when open.

Interior Geometry

Designed in such a way where if the user's head falls below the top opening for any reason, physical limitations will force the door open, activating the door sensor. 

Pulse Oxygen Sensor

Ensures heart rate is in a safe range as well as monitoring blood Oxygen levels of the user.

Ultrasonic Head Sensor

Monitors that the user's head remains above and outside the chamber. If the head falls below this level, the valves shut down.

Emergency Stop Button

Shuts down unit and all flow of liquid Nitrogen. 

Emergency Shut-off Valve

 Installed as a fail-safe if the button doesn't work. 

GREEN - The XR’s power consumption is minimal. You can compare it to a TV.

LOW NITROGEN USAGE - With just 2-3 liters per session, the XR’s efficiency is second to none. Learn about the nitrogen usage statistics of the XR and find out how to do budgeting for your cryotherapy business.

Make 17% more revenue just by using The XR Cryosauna vs competition.  cryosauna.jpg

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