x05 Whole Body Vibration Machine 8 G's

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160.00 LBS
  • x05 Whole Body Vibration Machine 8 G's
  • x05 Whole Body Vibration Machine 8 G's


X05 Whole Body vibration Machine

8 G's

Provided by DKN Technology, the XG-05 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer is an easy to use, safe and effective exercise machine that provides users with a full body workout. By utilizing vibration technology, the XG5 Pro Trainer helps increase blood circulation, energy levels and muscle definition as well as better skin and posture.

Continuous use of the vibration trainer helps increase involuntary neuromuscular stretch reflex which helps boost your hormonal system response; this in turn generates Endorphins and Collagen while lowering Cortisol levels for great, overall health. The XG-05 Pro comes equipped with an easy to use digital screen as well as four present programs and 7 frequency settings. Stay healthy and work out from the comfort of your own home!

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