Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten offers infrared Saunas and Full Spectrum Saunas.  You can choose between Cedar or hypoallergenic Basswood or even Eucalyptus wood in their Mpulse 3 in 1 Full Spectrum line.  Sunlighten uses Solocarbon heaters for Far and Mid Infrared and they use LED lights for near infrared.  Sunlighten claims that their saunas are the only sauna on the market that produce near, mid, and far infrared wavelength, however there are several other brands that offer Full Spectrum heaters that produce near, mid and far infrared.  Sunlighten has 3 different heaters to produce all three spectrums while Therasauna has an all ceramic heater that produces all three wave lengths in the same heater and the rays radiate in 180 degrees covering the entire sauna without having cover all the walls with heaters.  Clearlight and Vital Saunas also offer a Full Spectrum Ceramic Halogen Red Light heater that have near, mid and far waves.  The jade sauna and Tent sauna alos offer all wave types.


Sunlighten vs Therasauna

The Therasauna heaters are 96 percent efficient and the 4 person saunas run on 120v and do not require 240v making it more affordable to operate.  The four person Full Spectrum Therasauna uses 2016 watts as compared to a 4 person Sunlighten's Full Spectrum Discover or Conquerer requires 240v and uses 3840 watts.

Thersauna allows you to set the wave lengths for all 6 zones inside the sauna individually with using the SpectraWave™ function.  This Therasauna exclusive feature allows the sauna to move through a specific infrared spectrum. The sauna’s on board computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings and it will scroll through a new setting every 2 minutes. This feature allows TheraSauna® to produce near, middle, and far infrared energy when this feature is utilized. 



TheraSaunas® far-infrared is produced during the entire sauna session.  When the sauna reaches temperature, the patented MPS Touch Control Screen® idles the TheraMitters™ down to surface temperature of under 230°F. The TheraMitters™ will return to 400°F and above when necessary, keeping a steady temperature and micron range. The far-infrared produced is still consistently reaching the optimal 9.4 micron range for human absorption due to the unique physical design of solid ceramic TheraMitters™, penetrating up to 2” below the skin. This creates an environment where the user receives more infrared in 20 minutes than they would during a 40 minute session in other brand saunas.

Therasauna has the MPS Control Unit: Micron Power Select™ allows you to vary the infrared output from each TheraMitter™ zone and control the infrared micron range during your sauna session. TheraMitters™ can be exclusively customized to a surface temperature between approximately 450°F down to an amazing 126°F. This is a extremely useful feature for multiple sauna users. For example, the person on the right can set their back TheraMitters™ on full power and their feet to half power while the person on the left can set their back TheraMitter™ to 80% power and their feet to 60% power. This highly innovative feature allows you to program your sauna to your personal comfort level. The MPS settings can be adjusted from 100% to 7% for each zone. On the MPS Touchview Control screen in "MPS SETUP," you can choose the level for each TheraMitter™. The levels can be set in any combination at 7%, 13%, 20%, 27%, 33%, 40%, 47%, 53%, 60%, 67%, 73%, 80%, 87%, 93%, or 100%


Therasauna is handcrafted in the USA not imported from China.  Therasauna has a lifetime warranty on their heaters and 3 years on the electronics while Sunlighten has a 5 year warranty on their heaters and a 1 year warranty on their electronics.

Therasauna is the only sauna company to use Aspen Wood.
No negative Health effects have been reported for Aspen wood.

Infrared energy heats objects (like your body and the inside wood of the sauna) directly and penetrates up to 2 inches below the surface. Cedar and redwood contain a natural insecticide within the wood called turpines. When these naturally occurring oils within the wood are heated, they gas off a substance called cedrine.  Cedrine attacks the central nervous system of insects and kills them. It can also cause vomiting and convulsions in humans.

TheraSauna® is made of Aspen, which is a clear wood grown at elevations where the trees do not produce an insecticide. Aspen is 99% non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Wood Type

Found Use Health Effects
(common, black, red)
Europe, North America (red)
Western Asia
Toys, general turnery, broom and brush backs Dermatitis associated with black alder, no reports with red
alder, decrease in lung function (red alder)
Aspen North America Furniture, strandboard, pulp and paper No health effects reported
Beech Europe Furniture, bobbins, brush backs, handles, domestic woodware, flooring, plywood manufacture, instruments Dermatitis (wood cutters’ disease) due to lichens growing on the bark of beech trees, rhinitis, asthma, nasal cancer
Birch (paper, white) US and Canada (paper birch)
Europe (white birch)
Furniture, decorative objects, pulp and paper Irritant dermatitis
Cedar, Western Red West Coast of North America Building construction material, boats, planking, framing Asthma, allergic contact dermatitis, sensitizer, decrease in lung function, eye irritation and conjunctivitis, rhinitis
Douglas Fir West coast of North America,
Interior and exterior construction, flooring, boats, veneer, furniture Contact eczema, decrease in lung capacity
(grand, balsam, silver, alpine)
US and Canada
Europe (silver fir)
Interior construction, joiner, plywood Skin irritation, dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma, possible
decrease in lung function
Hemlock North America Furniture, cabinetry Skin irritation, decreased lung function
Larch Europe, North America Construction, frame work, boats, flooring Allergic dermatitis from European larch, no reports with western larch
Mahogany Africa Furniture, cabinetry, boats, mouldings, etc.- all purpose wood, used where good quality wood is required Dermatitis, sensitizer
Maple Europe, North America Furniture, interior construction, cabinets Rhinitis, asthma, Maple Bark Strippers’ Disease (mould
spores in bark)
Oak Europe, North America Furniture, decorative veneer Nasal cancer
(white, lodgepole, jack)
Europe, North America Interior and exterior construction, pulp and
Skin irritation, contact dermatitis, Wood-Pulp Workers’ Disease (mould in bark), rhinitis, and asthma
Poplar Europe, North America Plywood, matches, toys, pulp and paper Contact dermatitis (with sawdust contact), rhinitis
Rosewood South America, Asia Decorative veneer, furniture, cabinets instruments Eczema, allergic contact dermatitis
Spruce Europe, North America

Interior and exterior construction, furniture, pulp and pa


Skin irritation, Wood-Pulp Workers’ Disease (mould spores in bark), decrease in lung function
Teak Asia, Africa, West Indies Ship building, interior fittings and mouldings,
furniture, flooring
Toxic, dermatitis, sensitizer
Walnut (black) Europe, US Veneer, cabinet making, furniture, decorative paneling, gun stocks Skin irritation, rhinitis, possible asthma
Yew Europe, Asia, North Africa Carving, veneer, cabinet making Irritation of skin, dermatitis, toxic






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