Alkaline Water Bottle Ionizer

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Alkaline Waterbottle
A water bottle that turns ordinary tap water into healthy pure mineralized alkaline water!

Alkaline Water Bottle activates and restores water into a micro molecule group with negative potential and raises the water’s alkalinity. This technology can change common purified water into energizing calcium activated water by activation of pearl calcium ion and energy stone, which can release far infrared ray and negative ions, thereby causing the synchrony of water molecules, releasing mineral elements (such as Ca, Mg, K and Na), changing common water into activated alkaline water.



The five main functions of Alkaline Water Bottle:

1. Alkalescency (weak alkaline condition): Dissolve acid, eliminate toxins

2. Negative potentials (antioxidant): Removes excessive free radicals.

3. Smaller molecules with super-strong absorption potential, emulsifying power, and penetrating power.

4. To complement the elements of life: Trace elements and minerals are leveraged. The aerospace ceramic cores adopted by the Alkaline Water Bottle releases iron, zinc, iodine, calcium and other various minerals and trace elements that are essential to the human body, all of which are in an ionic state.

5. High in oxygen: The aerospace ceramic core has countless small crystalloids, and permanently releases negative ions thus activating cells.

Here are some water tests you can do with Alkaline Water:

1. Dissolved oils (emulsification) test: This proves that the small molecule of alkaline water is able to dissolve grease, fat, and excrete toxins.

Experimental Methods: Get two clean water bottles, pour into each of them equal amounts of edible oil, and then add an equal quantity (about half of the oil volume) of alkaline water, mix, making the oil and water integrate in a single substance. It turns out that the alkaline water and oil emulsifies.

2. Alkaline Water Vs Purified water Test: Acid base balance test

Experimental Methods: Get two clean water bottles, pour into one the purified water, the other alkaline water of equal value; then add five drips of PH reagent to each bottle. Then you can see that the purified water turns yellow.

3. Alkaline Water vs Glucose Experimental Methods: Get one transparent glass bottle, draw 5 to 10ml glucose water with needle tube, and pour in the glass bottle. The glucose water becomes yellow (acid). Then drop in a defined amount of alkaline water; we will find that yellow-colored glucose water (acidic) immediately becomes blue.

4. Alkaline Water Vs Smoke Test

Experimental Methods: Fill a container with a defined amount of alkaline water, and drop certain PH reagent. The water in the bottle becomes blue-colored. Then take a puff a cigarette and blow out a stream of smoke into the bottle. Close the container, lightly shake, and you will find the water turns light yellow. Then add a defined amount of alkaline water: the light yellow turns into blue.

5. Alkaline Water vs alcohol/liquor/wine

Experimental Methods: Get two transparent glass bottles, fill one with a small amount of alkaline water, and the other with a small amount of liquor. Drop a few drips of PH reagent and make a comparison. We could see that the water that turns blue is alkaline water, while the water that turns deep yellow is the highly acid liquor. We can conclude that liquor or wine is highly acid and people who drink wine or liquor are very susceptible to acid body constitution. Here we begin to pour Alkaline Water into the alcohol, the color of the water gradually turns blue. It's clear that drinking Alkaline Water before or after drinking alcohol not only has an effect for anti-inebriation, but can also neutralize the acid within the human body and an acid body constitution.

6. Alkaline Water Vs Carbonated Drinks

Experimental Methods: Get one transparent glass cup pouring an amount of alkaline water into it and a few drops of the pH reagent. And then pour in a small amount of carbonated drink. The water turns yellow due to it's acidic properties; an addition of alkaline water turns it blue again.

7. Alkaline Water Antioxidant Test

Experimental Methods: Get two glass bottles pouring alkaline water into one, tap water into the other, and then drop five drops of strong oxidizer (iodine tincture). The tap water turns yellow and it's obviously oxidized. Meanwhile, the alkaline water remains the same and it proves that alkaline water has a strong anti-oxidization function.

8. Alkaline Water Emulsification of Edible Oil Test

Experimental Methods: Pour the same amount of edible oil into two glass bottles. Then fill one bottle with 30% alkaline water, and fill the other bottle with 30% purified water. As we know, oil is not soluble in water, we can see the water and oil have separated in the purified water bottle, but part of the oil has emulsified in the bottle filled with alkaline water.

9. Alkaline Water Vs Free Radicals (negative potentials)

Experimental Methods: Pour the same amount of purified water and Alkaline Water into two glass bottles. Then fill each bottle with five to six drops of iodine (equal to the free radical within the human body); we can see the purified water in the left cup becomes brown (iodine's natural color) and the Alkaline Water in the right cup remains unchanged in color.


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