Prism Light Pod

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  • Prism Light Pod
  • Prism Light Pod


Prism Light Pod

Full Body Cold Laser Therapy

Prism Red Light Therapy accelerates performance recovery, reduces fatigue and chronic pain to help maximize your health and performance. 
Light Pod therapy accelerates performance recovery by 4-10 times faster than normal.  

* Repair and Rejuvenate

* Muscles & Tissues

* ​Reduce Chronic Pain and Fatigue

* Produce Collagen

Prism Light Pod is the industry's most advanced full-body cold laser light pod for performance recovery, pain reduction, aesthetics anti-aging and weight management. Non-flourescent, non-UV Rays and doesn't use infrared heat-based LED's.

Leading Med Spas use Prism Light Pod to eliminate patient downtime after Aesthetic procedures such as PRP micro-needling, chemical peels and body contouring. Full-body cold laser therapy eliminates redness, soreness and effects from bruising. Patients rejuvenate their skin, improves collagen production and shrinks fats cells to slow the aging process. Additional chronic pain services, anti-fatigue and reduction of oxidative stress.

Rejuvenate your entire body and mind simultaneously. Simply lay comfortably in the Light Pod for 20 minutes. 


13,500 LED's that last 10 years or 100,000 per LED

650nm and 850nm red Led's


Up to 350 Lb person
1 Year Warranty

The U.S. National Health Institute has published studies from low level laser therapy (LLLT) and photobiomodulation (PBM) technologies used within the Prism Light Pod.




Prism LightPod technical dimensions & usage guidelines:

● Dimensions:71/2 footlong X 4 feet deep X 4½ feet tall(when the top lid is open).

● Fits within a 8’x10’room.●

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Warranty Information

1 Year
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