Power Plate My 3

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The Power Plate my3 delivers a frequency of 35Hz and 30- or 60-second time selections to provide effective workouts and exercises on any schedule. It’s easy to use, and in as little as three quick workouts per week you can become the best possible you


A safe and effective way to maintain health at any age


• Low impact  fitness/physical activity solution 


• Boost circulation and blood flow. joint mobility, and range of motion 


• Improves balance and posture 


• Pain and soreness reduction


 • Accelerated recovery  of damaged tissues. muscles and tendons   


• Improve mental and sensory motor  function   


• Decrease  pain and inflammation   


• Boost circulation and blood flow.  joint mobility, and range of motion




WHEN you're overcoming an injury,getting back to your healthy self can't come fast enough.  Introducing the Personal Power Plate@ By incorporating vibration  into your rehab program,Power Plate is scientifically  proven to actually speed  up the recovery  process- all while decreasing pain and inflammation.  Working muscles  you can't reach with conventional exercise machines, Power Plate increases circulation to deliver more oxygen  to the muscles  and rejuvenate the body.  So, improved  strength accompanies healing,and results are accelerated.


What is Power Plate®? 

Power Plate equipment is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. It uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Acceleration Training on Power Plate equipment offers a host of benefits, ranging from an immediate improvement in blood circulation, to a variety of other measurable outcomes: such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density, reduced pain and soreness and faster recovery. 

How does the Power Plate® work? 
Acceleration Training with Power Plate machines creates instability in the human body, as with each vibration the body Is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second. Furthermore, these contractions must work in multiple dimensions as the Power Plate machines actually oscillate in all three planes, exactly as the human body is designed to do. The net result is an incredible improvement in force production, or strength and power. This is a real breakthrough in training and conditioning as we can now optimally “load” the human frame while minimizing high Impact, high load, and high stress factors. Gravity is the force that adds load to the human body every second of every day for every movement we perform. Through Acceleration Training exercise, Power Plate machines make the body feel as though it “weighs” more every time acceleration forces increase. 

Why is the Power Plate more effective at achieving desired results than a traditional workout with weights? Regardless of whether you are looking to lose weight, increase muscle tone or increase strength using the Power Plate can more effectively help you achieve your desired results. With Acceleration Training, using the Power Plate, you essentially complete a greater volume of muscular work in less time with less perceived effort. With traditional weight training you need to complete multiple sets and repletion’s of an exercise to challenge the muscles of the body. An external weight is applied and the muscle is worked to failure to cause an adaptive response. This takes a significant amount of time and effort to complete each exercise effectively and even more time to complete a workout consisting of multiple exercises (multiple exercises are required to challenge all of the muscles of the body, in all degrees of movement). In addition to that the muscles require time to recover in between each exercise set, essentially doubling the time to complete any type of workout. Unlike traditional weight training, Acceleration training contracts muscles anywhere from 20 to 50 times per second. These contractions occur without conscious effort and each exercise requires only your body weight. Because of the high volume of muscle contractions produced with each movement, you can complete multi-joint exercises in a matter of seconds in a safe and effective way. Recovery in between exercises is also minimized because the Power Plate effectively stimulates blood flow and oxygenation of the muscles. More work. Less time. Less perceived effort. 

Will I experience any negative effects from the Power Plate exercise session?
It generally takes the body one or two sessions to get used to Acceleration Training on the Power Plate. Your body will feel “worked” and you may experience post-workout muscle soreness. Once your body adjusts and you maintain a consistent Power Plate schedule it is unlikely that you will experience this again. You might experience some light-headedness or a headache in your initial sessions. Drinking sufficient water will alleviate this from happening in the future. 

How long is a typical Power Plate exercise session? We like to encourage a 30-minute standalone workout only. If you incorporate other modes of training during the workout, you would be able to lengthen the workout time. 

How many times per week can I participate in a Power Plate exercise session? We recommend full body workouts 2-3 times a week with proper rest and recovery time in-between exercise sessions. You can stretch and massage on the machine every day.




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