Lifewave Patches

Lifewave Patches

Lifewave patches for energy, sleep, appetite control, glutathione enhancers.



Dear LifeWave Members,

As many of you know, I have a passion for great health. I have a passion for living in a chemical-free world. I have a passion for finding doctors, scientists, and professionals who are providing cutting edge solutions. I have a passion for hard-working people combined with great leadership to create opportunity for financial success, while supplying products that transform lives. For all of these reasons, and so many more, I am thrilled to announce I am taking my passion for LifeWave to the next level and will be joining you as the Official LifeWave Ambassador.

It was four years ago when I met David Schmidt and was introduced to his LifeWave patches. From the first strength test he demonstrated on me with the Energy Enhancer patch, I was hooked. Soon I was also using the sleep patch with great results. Next I tried IceWave for those times when I might have overdone it in my yoga workout. Now I also wear either Glutathione or Carnosine and tell everyone I know about the scientific genius, David Schmidt, and his incredible invention.

Like you, everyday I find myself meeting people who would benefit from these products. A friend with a sore back; a woman having trouble sleeping; an athlete looking for more endurance; and every human being needing to detox from the chemical bombardment we face each day. My mission, as the LifeWave Ambassador, will be to spread the word so that everyone can benefit from this brilliant creation.

I had the extremely good fortune to travel last November with several members of the LifeWave team on the Suzanne Somers Cruise. I was able to meet many of you, led by the incomparable Mike Collins and Laura Collins, and was impressed beyond words. The level of education, commitment, and enthusiasm for these products (and life in general!) was simply infectious and we immediately began discussions on how I could play a larger role in LifeWave.

The synergies here are too powerful to ignore. With David's brilliance, Mike's leadership, your dedication, and my ability to use my rather loud voice, we have a recipe to take this company to new heights. I can't wait!


Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers
LifeWave Ambassador

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