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Hydrogen Inhalation 200 ml

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  • Hydrogen Inhalation 200 ml
  • Hydrogen Inhalation 200 ml


Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 200 ml/min

What Is Hydrogen? 

  1. Hydrogen is a chemical element, the first on the periodic table.
  2. The usual elemental form of hydrogen is hydrogen gas.
  3. It is a colorless, odorless, highly flammable gas composed of diatomic molecules. Hydrogen gas is the lightest gas.
  4. The smallest, lightest, most, most harmless and most obvious antioxidant effect in the world. 

Hydrogen has fast movement speed and strong penetration. After entering the human body, it is very easy to reach all parts of the body and the inside of tissues and cells. For example, hydrogen can reach the mitochondria and other fine structures in the cells, fundamentally adjusting the state of cells.

Reduce oxidative damage
Anti Inflammatory
Reduce Apoptosis
Remove Malignamnt free radicals
Enhance Immune Function
For daily home use, 120-200 ml/min, 0.5-1 hour/day


Promote cell metabolism, comprehensively improve the immune system body healtheffect.Relieve
stress/fatigue. Alleviate aging, rejuvenate beauty.
For clinic/spa commercial use, 600-1000ml/min, 1-2 hours each time
Effective neutralization of free radicals in cells, improve obesity, emphysema adjuvant therapy, stroke
Alzheimer Parkinson adjuvant therapy, treat neurological disorders and cerebrovascular diseases.

 Is Hydrogen Safe?

1. The diver breathes hydrogen for diving
2. Official EU/US document - hydrogen is a food additive
3. Japan considers hydrogen inhalation a medical procedure

In 1975 The most famous study was published by American scholar Dole et al. in the journal SCIENCE on the treatment of skin disease with hydrogen. 

In 2001, French scientists demonstrated that the same pressure of hydrogen had a therapeutic effect. 

In 2007, the Japanese scientist, Professor Nario Ota, published an article in the prestigious international journal Nature Medicins, which proved that inhalation of hydrogen at a concentration of 2 percent can cure stroke. 

In 2008, Professor Sun Xuejun's team from the Second Military Medical University published the second international and the first domestic hydrogen medicine research report. At present, academicians participating in hydrogen medicine research include: Academician Zhong Nanshan on hydrogen inhalation treatment of respiratory Diseases.

Hydrogen has a protective effect on diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, sepsis and side effects of tumor chemoradiotherapy. It has a therapeutic effect on metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, Dialysis.

SPE technology (solid polymer electrolyte), also called PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane).
No consumables, only need to add pure water or distilled water, then enjoy the hydrogen therapy


Hydrogen Inhalation in Medical Use for Covid 19

Dr.Nanshan ZHONG, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous expert in respiratory diseases. He has been devoted to the research, prevention and treatment of major respiratory infectious diseases and chronic respiratory diseases.He is using hydrogen respirator to treat patients' lungs.


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