Dermawave Light Therapy Pallette

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3.00 LBS
  • Dermawave Light Therapy Pallette
  • Dermawave Light Therapy Pallette
  • Dermawave Light Therapy Pallette
  • Dermawave Light Therapy Pallette
  • Dermawave Light Therapy Pallette


Dermawave Pallette 

The Pallette LED Light Panel is easy to use sitting, for a Hand Spa or laying down.

Dermawave Pallette uses the very latest 'SMD' LEDs having 8 times the luminous output of 640~660nm LED 'strip lights' with double the beam concentration relative to other units.  These are 3rd generation and has full edge to edge coverage.

It results in much higher efficiency ...15 Minute sessions, once a week - not 30 minutes, three times a week for general Photo-Rejuvenation. Typical course: 6 Sessions - not 12 sessions.

Dual-Function 'True Blue' 420nm LEDs for both acne - and oxygenization. (we explain below) 


'Broad-Curve' AmRed LEDs with 'central' output at 605nm but emits down to 585nm(for better lymphatic push) and up to 635nm within the  FDA parameters.

Compare Dermwave Pallette to the Celluma Pro

2 times the active LED coverage than the Celluma Pro and several times the output power with a longer 3 year warranty and costs $100 less.    Dermawave uses Red and Blue LED Light and does not use the NIR Infrared  Wavelength.

Why No Infrared?


Dermawave is not a pain relief device and does not use the invisible 880nm Infrared. Point of fact, infrared has never been approved by the FDA for 'cosmetic enhancement'. Not once. Not ever. The inclusion of infrared LEDs to be a waste of space that could be far better utilized for actual skin-related LED enhancement.


True Skin Care Dedicated Device, not wasting space with 'pain relief' infrared LEDs,never once approved by FDA for cosmetic enhancement. Allows for a far more efficientand dedicated layout for the LED wavelengths actually designated for skin care.Triangulated design provides for 'cross-firing' between the two panels.

Ultra-Fast, variable pulse rate - alternating between the two primary wavelengths,far faster than the eye can see. May be used with those having epilepsyand other dynamic light sensitivities.A fully finished and realized professional product - not colored 'strip lights' on raw boards.

No open, exposed, and vulnerable circuit boards glued to foam 'exercise mat 'material like Celluma.
All components are fully encased . A true, dedicated heavy-duty power supply / modulation console -

Demawave does not use an 'AC Adapter' designed for small consumer electronics.
Main front output and two expansion ports on the back, allowing the use of
additional items such as our Micro-Current head that plugs right in.
No new, additional machine console required.
Expandable Jacks for Add Ons

11 x 14 inch dimensions 3 Year Warranty


Counter Top Mode

Easy to use on a desk with an adjust height chair. The most popular method


The Hand Spa


The Spa Chair/Bed Mode




The DermaWave Palette panels have integrated 'heat-sinking'
that absorbs and dissipates nearly 95% of the heat generated by the ultra-high powered LEDs away from the skin and sends it out the back, further buffered by twin layers of Lucite.

 dermawaveexpansionport.jpg dermawaveswitch.jpg

The DermaWave Palette panels aren't powered by a simple AC adapter you plug in the wall outlet, once sold at Radio Shack for consumer electronics. There wouldn't be enough power there for us, even if we wanted to use such a thing. But we didn't. Instead, you get a technology-packed power and modulation console. And even the jacks and ports (more on the back) are made by Switchcraft, as used in professional recording studios. We additionally import the heavy-duty and beautifully machined toggle switches from Germany. 

Optional Microcurrent Add On


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Warranty Information

3 Years
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