Cryo T Elephant - Metrum - 35L

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52.00 LBS
  • Cryo T Elephant - Metrum - 35L
  • Cryo T Elephant - Metrum - 35L
  • Cryo T Elephant - Metrum - 35L


The METRUM Cryo-T Elephant is a new type of device for facial and localized cryostimulation,that utilizes liquid nitrogen(LN2).

It’s innovative construction allows for 
effective low temperature production and safer procedures.
A temperature sensor built 
into the treatment nozzle ensures client safety.

Dr. Jonas Kuehne of Cryohealthare Inc.developed and trademarked the popular Cryofacial TM treatment.

 The Cryo T Elephant uses a controlled stream of hyper cooled nitrogen vapor for the Cryofacials and spot treatments.  As the cold vapor passes over the skin, it tightens the skin and pores and triggers a steady dilation of blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries, allowing the blood the carry more oxygen, nutrients and collagen to the skin’s surface. The cold vapor also reduces puffiness, swelling and inflammation. The typical facial only takes about 10 minutes and uses approximately $1-2 of liquid nitrogen per session. Unlike other facial treatments, there is no need to remove makeup and there is no reddening afterwards

Used For:

Sports medicine*
Aesthetic medicine*
Athletic recovery*

Power: 110V/60Hz
Air Flow Regulation: 5 Levels
Cooling Medium: Liquid Nitrogen
Nitrogen Tank Volume: 35L
Air Flow Temp: -193F to -238F
Dimensions: 43x21x314 in
Weight of Cryo-T: 51.8 lb
Weight of Tank: 35 lb

The Metrum Cryo-T Elephant comes with a 1-year limited warranty on all parts and labor
Interested clients can license the “Cryofacial” trademark for an annual fee of $400

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Warranty Information

1 year
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