Cryo T Cooler

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100.00 LBS


The Cryo-T Cooler is the first electric device in the world with a sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of the patient’s skin temperature. The sensor monitors the skin temperature to ensure proper therapeutic temperature and to prevent over cooling and frostbites. This is an important feature as the skin temperature is the only objective parameter of correctly performed treatment.
Quick start allows treatment to begin immediately after turning on the device.

The large 5.7” color TFT LCD screen allows for easy setting and monitoring of
the proper work parameters.

We recommend this device for clients interested only in localised application for inflammation, swelling, and pain*. For clients interested in the Cryofacial TM, you will have to use the liquid nitrogen based Cryo-T Elephant, as it is the only suitable device for facial application.

The Cryo-T Elephant is easy to transport and a great option for home use as it does not require the use of liquid nitrogen.


Used For
Technical Data
Power: 110V / 230V
Air Cooled in Closed Circuit
Heat Exchanger Temperature: -35c
Air Flow: 6 levels; 0-1200 I/min
User Interface: color 5.6" TFT display
Treatment Hose Length: 1800 mm
Working modes: Automatic or Manual
Dimensions: 400x650x820 mm
Weight: 45kg

Air Cooling vs Ice Gel Pack
Cryo-T Cooler works in two modes:
This mode is recommended when the temperature
needs to be controlled more precisely. There is a
possibility of air-flow regulation enabled by user friendly
graphical interface.

Redness Reduction = 75% better
Edema Reduction = 10% better
Crusting Reduction = 80% better
Pain Reduction = 40% better
Cooling During Laser Procedure = 100% better
Skin Temperature Control = 100% better
Infection Prevention = 100% better

The temperature is stabilized by air-flow from ventilator. There is no need to monitor the parameters all the time.

Warranty The Metrum Cryo-T Elephant comes with a 1-year limited warranty on all parts and labor.

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Warranty Information

1 year
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