Avant LZ30-Z Cold Laser

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  • Avant LZ30-Z Cold Laser
  • Avant LZ30-Z Cold Laser


Avant Laser LZ30Z

The Avant LZ30z was released in 2015 making it the the highest power version of the LZ30 series of lasers and the highest power RED (637nm) on the market by a factor of about 10. Like it's sister product, the LZ30p and LZ30x, it is incredibly well engineered. The LZ30z is an FDA cleared class 3b cold laser that provides a superior value when compared to any other handheld cold lasers. With the LZ30z, you get more flexibility than any other cold laser device. The LZ30z brings the RED (637nm) laser power up to an amazing 1000mW. That is 10 times the power level of a K-Laser® and 200 times the power level of the newest Erchonia®. If you prefer treating patients with the RED laser wavelength, this is the ultimate cold laser.

This product allow for the widest range of treatments by allowing users to use continuous wave, pulsed wave and sweeping wave setups using either the 808nm or the 637nm wavelength. For those considering a ML830, the LX30z offers 10 times the power and also includes pulsing and sweeping modes for better healing.

Without question, Avant LZ30 lasers offer the highest amount of power of any other Class 3b laser. In order to be effective you need to get the maximum amount of penetration at 808nm and the LZ30s are the best in their class. With the Avant Class 3b lasers, you get more power, more flexibility, and a longer warranty for less than any competing lasers. The LZ30 lasers have up to 15 times the power of the ML830™ AND up to 200 times the power level of an Erchonia™ laser system. This means you can either shorten your treatment times by 15X (by targeting the same dosage) or give your patients the higher dosage that often makes the difference between success and failure.                                                            


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Applications: Humans, companion pets and equine

Output: 1400 mW (1.4 w) @ 808 nm 
Plus 1000 mW (1w) @ 637 nm

Waveforms: CW, Pulse, Sweep
Applications: Humans, companion pets and equine

Output: 1000 mW (.9 w) @ 808 nm 
Plus 250 mW @ 637 nm

Waveforms: CW, Pulse, Sweep
Warranty: 3 Years

The rugged industrial design includes an aluminum anodized body with a toggle stick controlled graphic display. The solidly-built device is perfectly balanced so it feels good in your hand and the compact size (just 1 inch x 1 inch x 4-1/2 inches) makes it easy to use in the office or field. The ergonomic design is easy to use on any part of the body. No other cold laser on the market packs this level of power and flexibility into such a compact size.

 The LZ30Z offers:

1400mW of power at 808 nanometer wavelength

  • 1000mW of power at 637 nanometer wavelength
  • The perfect balance of power and safety
  • Programmable continuous, pulsed and sweep output modes.
  • In manual mode, users can set the pulse frequency and duration.
  • Use the factory defined presets or develop your own protocols. The device has enough onboard memory to store hundred of protocols.

  • Self Calibration - As the laser diodes age, the system self adjusts providing a consistent power output. Self Calibration is usually only seen on the most expensive cold lasers.

  • Maximum flexibility using the USB cable. Users can create and maintain presets on their PC by mounting the LZ30z as a USB drive on their PC.

  • Cordless operation using a 3000mAH Lithium Ion battery
  • Highly portable compact design
  • During operation, shows total photon density and elapsed time
  • Option hand free operation with the Avant stand

RED POWER Comparison

With up to 1000mW of red laser power at 637nm, the LZ30-Z minimizes treatment time and maximizes results. Research has shown that peak therapeutic effectiveness for visible red light is in the range of 630nm-640nm. Only the LZ30 and the XLR8 have red laser wavelengths in this range.visible red light is in the range of 630nm-640nm. Only the LZ30 and the XLR8 have red laser wavelengths in this range.

LZ30-Z                                                                                                1000 mW

Microlight ML830 

Erchonia XLR8                                                                                         15mW 

Multiradiance MR5 Activ Pro 

Thor Midi 

Luminex Vet 

Vectra GeniSys

IR Power Comparison

It’s essential to consider average power when comparing lasers because “super pulse” lasers produce peak power for as little as a billionth of a second. Their average power is approximately 1/1000 of their peak power. Average power is the power emitted over time and the basis of dose calculations. The LZ30-Z has 1400mW of power at 808nm for peak therapeutic effectiveness, reduced treatment time and maximum results.

LZ30-Z                                                                                                    1400 mW

Microlight ML830                                                                                        90 mW

Erchonia XLR8

Multiradiance MR5 Activ Pro                                                                  1000 mW

Luminex Vet                                                                                            1000 mW**

Vectra GeniSys                                                                                        1000 mW


No more fumbling with manuals or punching in numbers. Just scroll to the desired treatment option, push the button and go. The Avant laser comes with over 320 presets and can expand to well over 1000 to allow for custom protocols. We can even transfer protocols from your own library.

 LZ30-Z                                                                                                                 >320
Microlight ML830
Erchonia XLR8                                                                                                          7
Multiradiance MR5 Activ Pro                                                                                  12
Thor Midi
Luminex Vet                                                                                                             5
Vectra GeniSys


Compare Price

LZ30-Z                                                                                                                $6,150
Microlight ML830                                                                                               $4,995
Erchonia XLR8                                                                                                    $7,900
Multiradiance MR5 Activ Pro                                                                           $14,995
Thor Midi                                                                                                          $14,500 
Luminex Vet                                                                                                     $12,900
Vectra GeniSys                                                                                                  $6,611


 LZ30-Z                                                                                    3 Year

Microlight ML830                                                                   1 Year 

Erchonia XLR8                                                                      2 Years 

Multiradiance MR5 Activ Pro                                               3 Years 

Thor Midi                                                                               1 Year 

Luminex Vet                                                                          1 Year 

Vectra GeniSys                                                                     1 Year

  It is so easy to get started with the Avant LZ30z. It comes from the factory with presets to address 90% of the standard protocols but the LZ30z also allows for the creation of new protocols including total customizing every variable using the standard USB interface. Newer users can step through pre-defined protocols in just seconds. For advanced users, the device allows the creation and maintains of a set of favorite protocols for treating special problems. This list can be accessed using the joy-stick and can be editing directly on the device or by mounting the cold lasers as USB drive on PC.

 Quick Start Guide will have you up and running in a matter of minutes.  I invite you to look at it first.  This will give you an accurate idea of how easy the laser is to use.  In addition to the Quick Start Guide, there are several videos on YouTube.  These explain the basics of device operation: 

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